China-Latin America summit ends on high note

October 29th, 2008 | China Daily

After two days of meetings, the second China-Latin America Entrepreneurs Summit came to a close on Oct 21. The summit has achieved great results and more than 10 business or association agreements were signed.

With the theme of “innovate trade and service and strengthen regional cooperation”, the summit was jointly sponsored by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Heilongjiang provincial government and Harbin municipal government.

Participants from Argentina, Brazil and another 24 countries and regions attended the summit. Nearly 1,000 officials and entrepreneurs, on behalf of the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, the Pan-American Development Bank and other international organizations, participated at the summit.

More than 900 entrepreneurs exchanged their views on China’s key industries, the economic characteristics of Latin American countries, the regional development strategy of China, and trade cooperation between China and Latin America.

These entrepreneurs shared their successful experiences, discussed trade and investment opportunities between China and Latin America, and got to know the policies and regulations of the countries.

Forty-three Sino-Latin American officials, entrepreneurs and scholars gave speeches on Sino-Latin American economic and trade cooperation, economic and trade relations between China and Latin American development opportunities and challenges, China and Latin America co-operation and China’s regional development strategy and other issues, which were welcomed by attendees.

On Oct 21, the Sino-Latin American entrepreneurs carried out a special business meeting. More than 400 Chinese entrepreneurs and nearly 100 Latin American entrepreneurs held 1,100 negotiations during a half-day session to reach a total of 414 cooperative intentions, of which 224 were trade intentions, 33 investment intentions and 157 cooperation intentions.

The Second Round Table Meeting of China-Latin America Trade Promotion Agency was also held during the summit. China Trade Promotion Association, six provincial-level branches and local branches of the industry, with representatives on behalf of more than 20 countries’ associations in Latin America attended the meeting.

The meeting emphasized cooperation between China and Latin American trade promotion agencies through information exchanges, the organization of economic and trade delegation visits and talks, seminar and exhibition fairs, and other means to promote substantive cooperation.

The entrepreneurs from China and Latin America called on governments to strengthen exchanges and take practical measures to promote trade and investment facilitation. The representatives of China and Latin American trade promotion organizations agreed the summit played an active role in promoting relationships between entrepreneurs.

The delegates unanimously agreed that the third China-Latin America Entrepreneurs’ Summit will be held in a Latin American country next year.

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